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September Newsletter

Hello again everyone. I'm back from my long break which was great and just what I needed.

I've been working on the site during this time, adding in my online course on The Basics of Foresight which is now offered on the Thinkific platform to bring my three major offerings together on the one site. I'll leave the Thinkific course open until all current students have finished. I'm also finishing up my second course on Conversations about Futures but more about that next time.

This newsletter covers the latest post, some interesting things, and new event notifications. Enjoy!

Latest Post

A Scanning Example: Higher Education Innovation

A change of context for this post. I wrote this scanning post for Shaping Tomorrow in 2012 using their format and length, I came across it again just recently - and thought that it might still relevant today for universities. Progress has been made but MOOCs, now part of the learning mainstream in many forms, are the least of worries for universities in the present. What do you think?

Photo by davisuko on Unsplash

Two Interesting Things

A trend report on SRI International which found commonalities between Boomers and Zoomer generations, which is the first time I'd seen this sort of comparison.

Boomers and Zoomers: Agents of Change
What do (Older) Baby Boomers (Boomers) and Generation Z (Zoomers) have in common? Both experience formative years (ages 14 to 24) during disruptive transformation. Both generations are agents of change. In order to understand more fully the behaviors and attitudes shaping today's consumerscape, it helps to step back. A historical review of marketplace changes provides contextual insights.

Institute for the Future: Design Thinking Training

The Institute for the Futures offers a range of courses, but their latest newsletter promoted their design thinking training - a two-day course on Design Thinking and a new course for 8 days on Designing Sustainable Futures. Not cheap but some amazing futures people work here and will be taking the courses.


Online session for Paid Subscribers

Our first online session is scheduled for 20 October 2022 via Zoom. It is a 30 minute session; here are the details.

Topic: Foresight in the Present Session (Paid Subscribers)
Time: Oct 20, 2022, 07:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Meeting ID: 862 8510 1487
Passcode: huS0p0

This is a fairly open session as it's our first one - we'll talk about what you would like to get from me that will help you with your foresight thinking and practice. Let me know if you'd like to talk about anything in particular.

Foresight Information Session (for all subscribers)

These sessions are free events scheduled throughout the year to give people who are new to foresight or who want to know more about what foresight is and how to use it in practice. They are unstructured and open so we can explore your questions and thoughts during the session. Come ready to ask questions because I have nothing planned! Here are the details.

Next Session: Foresight Information Session 3
Topic: Foresight Information Session
Time: Oct 27, 2022 07:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Meeting ID: 875 0858 5587
Passcode: xwP4W9

That's it for this newsletter. Look out for the next one in October.

Maree Conway
Foresight Futures
23 September 2022