The Book about Foresight

Foresight Infused Strategy book by @MareeConway is absolute genius. Mind is blown. Marisa McArthur (@Marisa_McArthur), June 16, 2016
I found it an easy and interesting read, accessible for people just starting out. I liked the examples and that Maree was willing to share those that didn’t work - or didn’t work so well - as well as those that did … suited to someone who was really open for exploration. Tricia Lustig, ‘Finding a Way to the Future, APF Compass, October 2016, page 25.

You will find many books on trends shaping the future, about what the future might look like in ‘x’ number of years, how the foresight field is emerging and the latest methods to use. If that’s what you are looking for, this is not the book for you.

The origins of this book came from my work, where people have often asked how they can start using foresight approaches right now, rather than having to do a course or attend training sessions.

The book provides enough information for you to understand what foresight is all about and to identify how you might use the approaches in your organisation.

One of my guiding principles since establishing Thinking Futures in 2007 has been to share information on what I know about using foresight as widely as I can.  I wrote my three Strategic Futures Guides in 2007, 2009 and 2013 and my Reference Guide in 2015. I've incorporated much of these into the book after updating of course!

My book is published with a Creative Commons License so that it is accessible and usable in practice.


Christopher Royer, Verified Purchaser

Good stuff! An exciting and useful book, combining personal experience with well-selected excerpts from decades of the prior works of foresight leaders. Taking notes is hard because every page includes multiple things I'm tempted to write down. Maree is one of the most respected futurists in the world and this book is a great contribution to this important field. I was just revisiting this page to confirm the publication date but once here I thought: I am so appreciating this book, I should post a review! It's really good. Marshall Kirkpatrick, September 17, 2016 [Amazon review, reproduced here with permission of the author]

I just finished reading Foresight Infused Strategy and wanted to let you know how helpful it has been to me. I completed formal training on foresight a few months ago, and just joined the APF, and I was looking for a book with practical advice for transitioning from a strategic planning approach to one that has foresight as its foundation. Your book did just that. It is clearly written and comprehensive, and I am looking forward to putting into practice what I learned. I recommend it for anyone who wants to shift from a conventional strategic planning approach to a foresight infused approach or who wants to learn more about using foresight. Chris Mayer PhD
Maree Conway describes her book, Foresight Infused Strategy, as being “the book I wish I’d had when I was asked to ‘do foresight’ at Swinburne University in 1999. It’s a personal book, a sharing of my learning, knowledge and experience to give you the basics, so that you don’t have to spend six months finding out about foresight like I did then.” It integrates and updates Maree’s three Strategic Futures Guides”, published since 2007. The chapters are built around the components of a futures project, with an opening chapter that reflects on Maree’s own experience as an organisational futurist ... I enjoyed the application of Wilber/ Slaughter’s four quadrants, which is under-used in the UK. Andrew Curry, Editor, APF Compass, April 2016, page 26.
I have been meaning to let you know I have really enjoyed reading your book “Foresight Infused Strategy”, I am onto my 3rd read….well done!!!! Simon Dehne, Principal, Conscious Futures